Hi all.
My Z5 Compact has a rare disorder as the sound from the left stereo speaker (obviously the one that is active during calls) either reduces in volume or dissapears when I press the top of the screen.
If I put a nail into the crack for the speakers at the very top of the phone and pull the screen/glass out, the sound is clear and loud.
This is reproducible during the test from the service menu.
Right speaker is ok, earpiece is ok, loudspeaker is ok, sound from bluethooth is ok.

I've also tried the Software Repair from Xperia Companion to no avail.

As I disassembled the phone I unfortunately ruined the speaker, so a new one is already ordered.

Im reaching out here to see if anyone else has experienced this. And if so, is a new speaker the solution or is there any other parts that would need to be swapped?

Regards, Steinar
Currently owning a Sony Z5 Compact
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