So 5G has fully grown up and been released into the wild. Samsung and LG being at the forefront of rolling out 5G compatible devices, although still only a small number of total devices. 

But is the UK ready for for this high speed short range (compared to 4G) network. With a whopping increase of 30Mbps in the first gen 5G roll out butting the UK at the bottom of the speed increase and maximum speeds compared the to US's 1.8Gbps. Will the UK catch up 

What do people think?
Do we have a chance of getting good data speeds or should we be happy with the higher quality broadband.

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I'm not sure how good 5g is for our health ...
And it is currently being developed , again there are problems with hackers ...
I'm not sure about the perfect coverage , because standard 3g and 4g coverage is not perfect , that means the operator must think
about the antenna additional placement ...

Are the cheapest brands to get 5g test priority , if we are satisfied - can change the brand ...
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Latest news - some frequencies have limitations for example 24 hz used by synoptics , water condensation is measured at this frequency
and you can't command to make this process happen in another frevence ... Waves in this range have a shorter range.
Antenna problem - for a continuous signal needed for every 12 houses by antenna ... Village people - you forget this option ...
Travelers and go out of town - forget...

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