My son broke his xz screen. Before that the charge port was working erratically so he bought one to replace it.  I have removed the screen and battery, fitted  the new  port and flex lead, fitted the new screen and turned it on.  The screen stays blank but the edges of the lcd lit up. The charge light shows its fully charged.  Have tried 2 screens same result. Could the charge flex lead be duff as that also powers the screen or was there other damage to the phone I cant see.   Prior to changing the screen the old one was working but badly cracked.
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Hi mdw, when you say the edges of the screen lit up, was this the backlight or the screen itself? If this is the back light it could be that the LCD is faulty on the screen or a bad connection here? Have you tried the old screen back on since the replacement as this would be a good way to rule out issues with the device and confirm it is one of the replacement parts.
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I've recently had the same problem and it was a damaged pin on the digitiser/LCD connector. I tried to bend it, but a new unit was required.
I also modified the battery connector, as I am sure you have seen, there is no cover on it, like iPhones have and it easily pops off, if the handset is dropped. I just used a small heat proof piece of foam to ensure the connector buffers against the inside of the screen. The symptoms for a disconnected battery, is that on my phone, the Sony white screen continuously cylcles between that and a black screen at about 3s intervals.
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