I've replaced countless ix screens, oem and non oem and not had  any face id issues. Today with an XR it will only allow me to set up the face id maybe 50% of the time and once set up it won't allow to unock. It says unavailable at this time, please try later.

No visible damage to any of the flex, sensors, camera ect cleaned the lens numerous times. Still the same. 

Any one had something similar. I find it odd it will allow me to set up half the time. It seem like it cant focus on the face.
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I think this is either a bad screen (not allowing enough light through the glass to detect face properly) You mention it only works 50% of the time, check how lit up the room is when it does and doesn't work.
May be it's related to the iPhone 8 and X ambient light issues which required a tool to fix.
"LCD Screen Repair Tool Ambient Light Sensor Programmer Fr Apple iPhone 8 8P X UK"
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Thanks for your reply, im thinking it may be the screen too. I have another n the way to try, I did try with different light levels in the room as you say but i didn't appear to affect it, its more random. It will work with more light and will not and vice versa with low light in the room. Will see what happens with new screen, if not luck may get a programer and try that. 
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