Hi , will an iphone 6 work with caps .

C1251 , C1260 and C5202_RF missing ?

Also if the antenna cable attached to the rear shield was broken am I right in thinking there would be no cell signal ?

I think someone may be trying to rip me off ..

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No ant cable no cell signal, correct
C5202 is on the main line in to the wifi and the other two caps on the power management input.
Will it work, questionable without doing further diagnostics but these caps are there to smooth the voltage and remove ripple. Removing them is going to make vcc main noisy on both wifi and pmic circuit. 
If someone has removed them deliberately then its for a reason.

I suspect you may have a locked/blocked phone and removing cellular and wifi is going to stop the phone connecting to Apple servers.

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Thanks for  the info . 
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