I am genuinely lost for words. 
8439B2B0-34B8-48B4-AF97-FDBA29CCFD63.jpeg  85A80EAB-8990-4199-A793-C8AF8647C677.jpeg  1E820FD5-E18B-4FAC-80BB-4FF258B84797.jpeg 
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I see that no one commented ... I have really lost my mind ...
Power bank1.jpg 
Let's start with the Power bank - the company would not exist , who is responsible for quality ?
technical parameters do not exist ... Just look at what a quality product means - It not only
guarantees quality but is added user manual , technical parameters , online customer support .
next to it you see a Chinese product that does not have a brand , it is stronger in terms of parameters ,
but the ipon is not charging , it only charges a asus phone one and a half times ... How does it work ?
A quality product is capable of charging a laptop 2X ...A quality product is heavy ...
Power bank.jpg 
As for phones - That it's a brand and where you can get spare parts for it ? Such a processor can no
longer be found on the official website ...
phone.jpg  phone 1.jpg 
Get to know competing processors , no matter who the phone

brand will be if you want to save ...
mtk list.jpg  the best processors.jpg  feedback - after these 12

That's how I felt after I bought it - waste of money , feedback is not possible , I can't recommend it ...
I'm sorry but -
feedback0.jpg  feedback1.jpg 
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Wait, did you buy one of these....

That's how I felt after I bought it’
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When I bought it, the technology was not so advanced , the best that was probably was the external battery for ipon ...
But when you go camping for two to three days, then you need something serious ...
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