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hey guys!

been wanting to make a clear backed phone for sometime now and I have finally done it! practically free mod to show off the awesome looking inside workings of Samsungs circuitry looks amazing and I'm pretty happy with it ill be looking to do it to a Samsung s8 I have slightly different process as I was able to remove the wireless charging coil with no issues to show more of the phone off but with the S8 I will have to doctor the charging coil to keep the contacts in place for the temperature sensor little nipples which is attached to the wireless charging unit.

hope you guys like it any questions or tips just message me or comment! 

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s!  20180906_134257.jpg   20180906_134404.jpg
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Hi Screen Savers, the phone is looking good! Nice display of all the internal parts 🙂
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I did the clear back mod on my s7 edge a few months back. Looking at your pictures above it shows the PCB covers aren't in place, I also did this until realising my phone had really slow mobile Internet and WiFi/Bluetooth signal was poor too. As it turns out these cover are rather important to keep the phone in a useable state, I can understand the wireless charging receiver being taken out as its not THAT important but the covers are! I also noticed the PCB is not screwed back in place, does it not move around in the PHONE? XD

Hope you don't have as many stressful moments as I had with this mod!

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Screen Savers!
Hi domk94! 

Yeah i have noticed internet and data working fine but does drop off randomly as times as like you say the covers are important but rarely drops out also there is a screw by the camera the most discrete one i coule put in as wanted the cleaner look! It is still my first time round so ill improve also wanted to add some lights in the back that would light up the circuit board but rhats for another day 
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Screen Savers!
Hi luke ! 

Thanks ill try share as much content as possible share and learn of others to this forum is great to share all sorts and im sure we all help one another 
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