Okay so i can see there is already a post about this regarding the touchscreen IC however i am still confused to how to solve this.
I haven't come across it myself until this morning when my personal phone Touch ID fingerprint scanner has stopped working. It had been working for months since i last replaced the screen. 

Since the iOS 11 update the phone has been super laggy/slow and now this morning the touch ID decides to not work and fails straight away if i try to set it up just like when you damage or replace the home button.

I see lot of solutions to try downgrading to iOS 10, you can't do that now from my knowledge. I have tried replacing with a genuine cracked screen, no luck and another 2 high copy screens.

Because i couldn't downgrade i thought i would try upgrading to 11.0.2, it has fixed the lagginess but touch id still not working.

Click is still working.

Any advice/things to try that would be great as was planning to sell this phone soon! My luck!

Thank you,
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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
What phone?  I would inspect the button under a microscope.  May be torn HB flex cable & just coincidense that it stopped working around the update.  Pay attention to where flex mounts onto the button. 
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