Hi I've been trying to get hold of the bottom/call microphone itself not the cable. Any help with links appreciated for UK.
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I understand that you are a micro soldering professional , but then there would be no such question ...
But you have to buy with cable , from experience I can tell - I damaged three microphones
and the fourth works only normally , it was option on the motherboard , because there was no way
to buy the cable ( the microphone is on the motherboard ) ... If we solve the problem with a micro
soldering , then I have to upset you ... Need to know your microphone id number , and most importantly
how is the microphone built up ... There is a small hole , which captures sound , inside is a thin wire that
resonates and converts the sound ... That means performing the micro soldering do not use solder paste ,
flux ... If it is not allowed , soldering temperature increases and you burn a cable or a microphone ...
Solder paste an flux filled the microphone and it will not work because there is no resonance ...
SonFlex 1.jpg 
I don't see a problem buying the whole cable ...
Compatibility So ny Xpe ria XZ2 H8216 H8266 H8296 and 82 .. series ...
If I'm not mistaken, it's yours


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Thank you for your help
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