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Hey guys,

I'm in need of new screwdrivers including a tri-point set
The one I have been using for the past year is one from Amazon and I'm mixing that with an additional set too but my tweezers are in need of replacing but my drivers do too.

What are you guys using and recommending? 
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I'm a big fan of the ifixit range. The 64 bit driver set is excellent
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I personally use Best screwdrivers and tweezers. My £5 Best tweezers lasted 5 times longer than my £25 Wiha pair
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shafiq786110 wrote:
I'm a big fan of the ifixit range. The 64 bit driver set is excellent

Agree completely!
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I use BEST screwdrivers, for the iPhone 7 tri screws I very highly recommend the Gtool one from Replacebase it is the best tri driver I have ever used, it is a total must in any phone repair tool kit.
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