By the look of it the home button on my Samsung Tab S10.5 has stopped working and needs replacing. It's unresponsive and I've tried cleaning it. It's not a software issue. Without it I cannot do cache wipe.

The site sells replacement parts. I was wondering though if anyone has come across a guide on how to replace the home button. I've seen many resources on how to replace battery and charging port but nothing on home button. 

Any tips, guides, pictures, instructions would be much appreciated. Is the home button flex cable easily accessible or do you have to take out other components before you can reach it?

Many thanks
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Because it doesn't really do , while the screen is normal, do not touch the button ...
Nothing crazy, but the screen is one whole panel , this means that the touchpad cannot be changed without tools ...
Because the button itself is under the lcd panel ...
You can buy a touch screen from us, but that means you have the tools and patience ...
( Get the screen without smashing anything , then you do not know that    sam su ng   glue ...   )
If you don't believe then watch the video ...

The ideal version for you , when purchased screen -
tab4.jpg  You have disrupted everything but you cannot access the button
tab1.jpg  tab2.jpg  tab3.jpg 
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Hello Andree27,

Many thanks for your reply and the pics and video. My tablet was serviced a few months ago while it was still within warranty and the screen and charging port were professionally replaced. So I'm not keen on having the entire LCD screen replaced as not needed.

The home button broke down later and the tablet is no longer under warranty. I saw that you sell tools and the replacement part and wanted to find out whether it was worth trying to replace it myself. I needed to find out whether the button was accessible but you seem to suggest that it requires taking out most screen components in order to reach the home button.

I'll have a proper look at what you've sent me. Thanks again.
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You may not need to complete the entire procedure , your main task is to separate the whole lcd screen from the frame ...
That means it must be completely disassembled and all parts removed from housing , be warned that the glue is quite
serious and you can damage the screen , then the touch screen will be separated from the lcd ...

The button is replaceable, but not the way you thought , will stay your old button needs to be replaced only flex cable ...
on the cable located small cap , who has gone out of order ... Or this one cap is not in the correct place ...
tab sams 1.jpg 
If the screen needs to be changed, buy the whole panel with the frame, then the button is built-in ...There is also a LCD panel
frameless version , the price will be up to 10 £ cheaper ...
tab sams.jpg 
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