I have replaced a battery on my tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 SM-T705 and suddenly i have no WIFI and Bluetooth. Tried to factory reset many times, used Odin to load firmware yet still no luck. Last resort is to replace WiFi chip on logic board. Anyone has done it? do you have schematics etc. ? Maybe other suggestions to help?? Many thanks 

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                                                                                         Service manuals and Schematics



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If you have no experience of micro soldering, then i recommend to find professional micro soldering ...
is a popular method , Folk method - sounds silly but helps ...
(electric stove)
I have no comments in this context ...
hope I helped
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Gadget Rehab
Great find with the Schematics Andree27. We can complete this repair for you should you which to have this completed MJ Communications 
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