I have just bought an OEM bezel / frame for my T230 Galaxy Tab 4 7" but it is not possible to close the back cover because the charging port does not fit completely with the bezel. Additionally, it is not easy (apparently they are not fully aligned) to screw both bolts of the charging port (mainboard) to the bezel.
Even when it is an OEM part, there are some others relevant differences with my current bezel.
Would you be so kind to tell me how I can fix this? My T230 was bought directly from Samsung official reseller: I mean it is not a replica.
Thanks for your support  
NEW T230.jpg
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do you still have the original bezel to compare it too?
Looking at your image it appears that the slope at the tip of the arrow is shorter than compared to the other side. This may just be the angle of the photo making it appear that way or it could be a poorly moulded bezel.
I can actually see the board bowing. Have you checked there isn't anything under the board obstructing it?
Have you spoke to the supplier? I'm sure if it's ReplaceBase they will be ok swapping it out for you.
As a last resort you could try shaving the bezel with a craft knife to obtain a better fit.
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