Two weeks ago I replaced the screen on this samsung galaxy s7 for a customer and they have sent me a message today with a problem with the screen. They have told me that it has been on the desk the whole time and that the glass isnt damaged at all. Could I please have everyones opinion on what the purple mark is and how this could have happened ?.


Here is a photo of the screen :

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Thats a difficult one but i would say impact damage.
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Looks like an LCD bleed - has happened to a few OLED screens around! 

Depending on where you hot the screen from they might replace that undwr warranty 
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Could be impact damage, but unlikely as no damage to either the glass or the screen protector.

Most likely a bad OLED panel.
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a leaky biro in his pocket!
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Hi, I can't open the image for some reason, but you can have impact damage to the LCD without any marks on the screen or screen protector, customers! often tell little porky pies 😉  I have often had the "I did not drop it" but when you inspect screen under microscope you can see the impact point, can you send the pic again please.
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