My Phone Model is SM N9005 is this the right dock for it please?

"Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 - Replacement USB Port Dock"

just want to be sure before I buy...

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David Fear - Owner
Pickle IT - Bristol
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I've Just changed the port and although it's a very easy job to do. The phone is not charging. It worked on the old port OK until my wife bent it all up putting it in the wrong way!
There seems to be only one connection to the main board and that is definitely connected ok.
On the left is a small chip and a copper pad that locks down over a pip There was glue on this so I stuck it down but when it didn't work I thought that may need to make contact with the frame so I peeled the glue off and pushed that down onto the frame.
Unfortunately that hasn't worked either.
has any one any idea of anything else I could try please?
or Have i been sent a faulty part?


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