Hi Everyone,

Asking for myself as recently upgraded to the S8 [smile]

Does anyone know of a decent tempered glass protector with a rear case that actually fit fine and allow full touch function?

I purchased a Spigen case and matching tempered glass protector which came with a plastic frame to make sure the tempered glass fitted prefectly, all was good for a few months but then noticed dust under the glass, so contacted them and they sent me a Whitestone Dome Glass kit which comea with a LOCA type fluid, frames and a UV lamp. But reluctant to fit it as dont them want hassle of removing glue if I ever need to replace it. 

So I contacted Replacebase and they now do S8 tempered glass, certainly not a dig at them as I buy loads of stuff from Replacebase every week and the tempered glass they do for the iPhone and other Samsungs have been excellent so much so I now only buy tempered glass from Replacebase.

I fitted the tempered glass from Replacebase and unfortunately even without the case it clicks, I am very methodical and know how to fit them but not great, when I fitted the Spigen case it was worse so I have cut with a scalpel some of the case edge which helps but it still is not good.

Any ideas??
Andy - Owner
Why Not Fix Ltd

T: 07861 707870
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Almost all shaped tempered glass has a slight gap between it and the screen, which is what causes the clicking sound you hear.

Short of cutting the sides off the shaped glass, there not a lot you can do. Warning though, the glue / sticky strip is usually along the edges of shaped glass, and not in middle on screen, so cutting will reduce the glue / sticky strip to top and bottom edges where it will ultimately fail and come off.
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