Good evening,

Im having issues replacing the earpiece in a s7 edge. 

I have ordered 3 of the same part from replacebase and all 3 do not work however if I put the old one im replacing back into the phone it provides sound.

I thought maybe 1 being faulty I could determine a faulty part but 3 is a bit suspect. I currently have 2 s7 edge devices and the old faulty earpiece works in both however all 3 replacements purchased from replacebase dont work in either phone.

I really dont know what to try next.

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If you follow the correct disassembly instructions , then the problem should not be ...
You do not have to completely disassemble your model to access the earpiece ...
Removes the back panel , unscrew the screws , and remove the two shields ...
sam7.jpg  sam7a.jpg 
The first thing we do is disconnect the battery - because if the motherboard touches metal tools
then the motherboard is damaged ... If still ok - the motherboard is not damaged , make sure or
the earpiece socket is not damaged ...

I don't want to believe the version when three spare parts are damaged ...
(anything can happen) ...

If there are problems with the spare part you must contact -
Will definitely help you , believe me there will be no problem ...
All losses will be reimbursed ...

(but it will happen during working hours)
If there are questions - Welcome !
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Thanks Andree27,

I have repaired numerous of these devices so I know the I dont need to remove everything and I always ensure the battery unplugged before installing any parts.

I believe replacebase may have a faulty batch of these parts as I received a replacement from another provider and that worked fine. 

I will contact the sales team in due course as Im awaiting another for my other faulty device and if that works I will send all 3 back to the team so they can do some quality testing on them.


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Hi David, I’m going to get this looked into tomorrow AM for you, its not a fault I’m aware of however its not the most common part to sell - would it be possible to pop a quick email over to with your order number, i will let the team know to expect the email and to get stock checked physically at our warehouse to determine what batch was sent. 
Steve Garner | Replacebase Founder 

Need support? my team are happy to help - | 01604924700
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