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I've got an interesting one here. Its a S7 Edge from Kazakhstan, The customer updated the phone via OTA and since he has had issues where the rear camera will focus and show the view clear but soon as you take an image it will throw up an error that is unknown then it will restart the phone. The front camera works and has no issues. He also had a problem where the phone would just shut down after trying take a picture then not be able to turn the phone back on for around 12 hours but had to be plugged in to charge it.


I have flashed stock firmware which has solved the battery issue. The phone still throws up a error on taking a picture with the rear camera and restarts but it starts up straight away so no battery issue.


I'm mixed on if this is a camera issue or something else as its only the rear camera thats having an issue but it will focus, There is no SD card in the phone and nothing has been installed from Stock ROM.

Any idea? 

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