Just bought a replacement battery for my MBP because its OEM battery is expanding and I'm wondering about the actual disassembly of it. I've seen a few instances where the force of the battery expansion causes some difficulty with removing screws, with the potential for shearing them. OBviously I want to avoid that and I'm thinking that anything that can keep the bottom bevel from being forced outwards as screws are being removed must be worth consideration. To that extent, I wondered if placing my MBP in a vise (between some padding and not gripped too tightly) would be a sound approach? I can't think of a reason not to, but some of you might have other thoughts?
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replaced countless batterys in macbooks - never had any issue in removing the screws. just make sure you use the correct driver. I can think of one very big expensive reason why you should not put it in a vice - your screen!
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