Hi all,

I have a 6s 128GB still going strong, having had a couple of battery replacements. A while ago I broke the rear/outer case lens - well it actually popped out (and got lost).

I noticed that without the rear case lens, the camera was very over exposed. Autofocus still works correctly.

I ordered a cheap 99p replacement lens off ebay, before I discovered the ReplaceBase OEM part - an aftermarket version of this part:


Even after superglueing the replacement lens in, it's still really over exposed. I also tried using a different camera, out of another older broken iPhone 6s, however it's still overexposed.

Why is this? and would it be resolved by purchasing a better OEM lens from ReplaceBase? - Or has something else somewhere gone wrong?


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I do not think the problem is Main Camera Lens ... Most likely the problem is in the camera ...
From experience I can tell - I have glued this glass to three models and without problems ...
What can I recommend - Check the groove around the camera , check that the camera area is clean ...
Reset all settings ...

Another important condition - do not glue it with superglue , it is aggressive and lens glass slightly melted ,
hence the view through the camera is not clear ...Use double sided adhesive tape 3M™ 467MP 200 ...
It is thin so hard to work , securely covers the entire hole , press the lens , remove excess glue with a match , stick ...
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