I recently replaced the keyboard on my macbook pro 13inch 2012 everything went after a million screws, I reconnected the multi cable to the eye lid connector with great difficulty but the power button didn't work and only half the keys worked. Anybody got any ideas how to make sure the multi cable is home properly?

Best regards, Jimmy.
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Before you start the replacement , you need to check your keyboard disconnecting the old one
and connecting the new one , if working then start the replacement ...
Power button didn't work - check this connection...
And only half the keys worked - check your keyboard before replacement ...

Assembly problem - all cables are in the same plane , it requires patience, not experience ....
I recommend buying a ready-made unit
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Before changing keyboard - can think about it...
Coloured MacBook Pro Backlit Keyboard ...
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Hi Andree, thanks for you help, much appreciated, I purchased a new replacement Keyboard and this time I inserted the Ribbon Connecter before I started and it worked perfectly. Thanks again, Jimmy.
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apple logo also...
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