Hi all 

After the latest IOS update 11.4.1 i am having some troubles with battery replacements. 
After replacing OEM batteries with replacement batteries from third party suppliers, for an example Ifixit the battery health app apple introduced in beta in IOS 11.3.1 has gone from not being able to determine the battery health but still running in "peak performance" on replacement batteries to keeping the device in service mode after battery replacement with third party batteries when it can not determine the batteries health. 

I have been googling this quite a bit, but find little to no information if this is a bug or something that is here to stay, if this is here to stay, suppliers such as replacebase and ifixit will need to restock on batteries that contain the IC chip needed for battery health. 

If anyone has any further information, it would be much appreciated 
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I'm getting the same problem with 6S & 6S Plus. I now have a battery tester and some of the batteries aren't up to the full capacity but even the ones that are seem to be having issues with iOS 11.4.1. I have had to resort to scouring eBay for genuine original batteries that work which is a bit hit and miss.
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