Not sure if is the right place for this post but I've been in the PC & laptop repairs for over 10 years and replacing a few screens on some iPhones and really want to get into the micro soldering side is there any place  you guys can recommend for training? I have found a few places online and have been looking at a company called Imend. Any advice would be awesome guys thanks in advance.
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Gadget Rehab
Hi There

The best microsolders in this field are Jessa from iPad Rehab and Louis Rossmann and they provide all training for free via their YouTube channels also list of equipment requied etc.

Jessa speciaizes in iPhones and iPads also some Samsungs and other androids. Louis is the best Macbook board repairer.

Good Luck
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Just replying to confirm the above. I learned a great deal from Louis' youtube videos, but he covers macbook logic board repair almost exclusively. I'm not into phone repair at this point in time, but if I was, I'd check out Jessa's vids first.

Also, as I don't know how much soldering you've done so far, you might find the soldering tuts from Curious Inventor helpful. See for example this one on SMD soldering.
Logic board, motherboard and other repairs in The Netherlands
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I agree, I have been learning for the past year and a half from youtube. Just make sure to be organised from the start and take your time learning. Lots of practice not on customer phones! It is un-believably easy to kill a phone. Make sure to Kapton tape and use coins as heat sinks (I stick some that heatsink blue foam like stuff you see between heatsinks and GPU, buy off ebay) as so easy to mess up surrounding chips. Experienced people can use less and less masking off.

Watch out for surrounding underfill chips or caps etc, once heated the caps disconnect, its a good idea to remove surrounding underfill off caps when close to where your working or if directly underneath backside of board. Use low heat 150/200c and a sharp knife. For most other stuff I use 390c but there is no magic temperatures, you have to learn your hot air station and your technique.

Some other good channels ( Phones):

STS Telecom -
Mark Shaffer -
Electronics Repair School (Sorin) -
NorthBridge Fix -
DeepFix -
B & C Connection LLC -
Extreme Board Repair -

Game Consoles-

Andrew Paul -

Tools I use:

Jovy I-solder soldering iron,
Quick 861DW Hot Air Station or Similiar Model By Quick,
Motic Stereo Microscope - Any stereo microscope, zoom should be 10x or 20x Total (eyepiece + objective). Mine is 20x but would prefer 10x sometimes as can only see half a FPC connector. You can get a Zoom one if you have alot of money. 

Good Luck.
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Hi Barrett...How much money do you want to spend ? With your experience I would imagine you can pick it up from YouTube. I went for a weeks holiday to Rochester, New York with Jessa Jones and IpadRehab. very useful. For microsoldering, the correct tools are the key. give you a good guide to good equipment and also have very useful videos in the 'learn' section. I use Hakko equipment of which the sole distributor is Dancap Electronics. Not cheap. For Iphones good schematics and the ZXW Tool or similar are a must for diagnosis.
Ifixit.Eu also is a useful source but not cheap either.  Buy small amounts from China/Hong Kong until you are satisfied with the quality, before buying larger amounts. Good luck.
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Thanks for all your tips guys. Ive spent many hours watching Ipadrehab videos on youtube and found them very informative. Mikeherberts I would love to afford to fly out and train with jess but thats not in my budget at the moment. I would like to see micro soldering up close  just to get a feel for it before I shell out more money on some gear that I may never be able to use. 
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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
I would suggest you either stay clear or go full hog.  You need top notch equipment which is expensive with a hard learning curve where you need to pump so so many hours into and still go round in circles.  Its a long time pay back.  Its easier money just fitting screens & general parts, microsoldering is fun and fullfilling when you bring back a phone from the grave but you can loose a day and not get anywhere.  Even the best in the world get stumped regularly.  There are a few training courses as mentioned, the imend 1 is good but expensive.  Just be prepared to invest alot of time and money. 
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