Hi all, new guy here 🙂

I've been tinkering about with consoles for as long as I can remember, having refurbished & restored a number of PS3 & PS4 systems.

After giving my system a regular deep clean, I noticed that the KEM-490 Drive to Motherboard Connection Flex Cable had become damaged at the end, resulting in a loss of power to the optical drive & power/eject buttons.  I found ReplaceBase online, was impressed with the site & ordered a replacement cable, which arrived earlier today.

After connecting the new cable & putting the system back together, I powered it up.  I saw the PS logo on the screen &, after about 20 seconds, a message appeared stating:

Cannot start PS4.
Cannot access system storage.

I installed a Seagate 1Tb FireCuda a while back & haven't had any problems with it, but it seems to me that this could be an HDD failure.  Can anyone confirm this, or offer any opinions?  I'd rather not fork out for a new HDD, if the system is at fault, but would rather not have to buy a replacement.

Thanks in advance,


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If the PS4 system can not detect a hard disk (HDD), follow these steps:

Turn off the PS4 system, unplug the power cord and remove the top cover.
Make sure the hard drive is installed correctly. To do this, remove it from the system and reinstall it.
If the error persists after reinstalling the hard drive, it may be damaged or your system may be faulty and needs repair.
99 percent problem with hdd...
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Hi Andree,

Thanks for your response.  I ordered a replacement HDD, which arrived yesterday, & appears to have resolved the issue.  The old HDD, I couldn't hear any activity inside when powered, so reckon that's dead.

Just glad to be back on my PS4 again! 😃

Thanks again,

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