I have an iPhone 6 that I did replace the screen on. Now the proximity don't work. Front camera and auto light works like it should. Already tried a new part, and tried to restore. Any suggestions?
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NJH Repairs
Did you buy a full screen assembly with all the parts or was is one of the screens you have to move everything across from the old one?
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Bought a basic screen, moved everything over from the original.
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From our experience there are three main causes for the proximity sensor failing.
  1. Poor quality aftermarket sensor.
  2. The front camera/front mic/proximity sensor flex cable is extremely fragile and any slight bends, pressure, etc. will damage it. The main part of the cable(under the ear speaker when installed) is very stiff and the copper wires inside really don't want to be tweaked. The best method I've found to remove it without damaging it is to use a very thin tool like an iSesamo  and insert it under the main part of the cable. Then place the finger of your free hand on top of the flex cable and hold firmly while you very gently, pry straight up with the tool. Your finger will help keep the cable from bending while you pry up. The aim is to lift the proximity sensor out of it's hold and then go back and pry the hold off separately. Heating the front glass until it's hot to touch will help in removal as well.
  3. Light leaking from the LCD and reaching the sensor. There is a large gap between the speaker/camera which can allow light to reach the sensor. We double over a piece of electrical tape so both sides are sticky, and place it over the ESD protection of the battery contact. When you replace the screen, the tape covers the hole perfectly and and stops any light shining through.

Hope this helps
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Mend My iPhone
Hi Folks.
I've had an occasional one of these. It can be caused by pulling the screen connectors off without first disconnecting the battery - though this generally damages the IC controller chip for this that needs to be replaced. 
Sometimes as the guys above say all of the above too.

Try replacing parts including the screen. You may get lucky. But it maybe the chip too.

hope this helps

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Inferior screens can also cause this problem. In my early days of replacing screens I suffered from this a lot. It took me a while to work out that cheap screens are just that!
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I had two proximity sensors that I tested.
Bought a new proximity flex from ReplaceBase. And this third sensor solved my problem.. 
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MACH Computers

Good to hear that you've got it fixed.

For anyone else that may ever have this issue, check that there is nothing obstructing any of the sensors when you fit them in to the replacement part. On one or two occasions I've had sensors that have failed to operate when testing before I close the handset up, on removing the flex I've either found something covering the sensor between that and the glass and naturally this stops it functioning properly. 

Another one which I've had is a blurry front camera. This has either been down to a rogue fingerprint on the camera itself - clumsy handling on my part for sure or the little foam ring which surrounds the lens has shifted slightly and is covering the lens slightly. The last reason I see often is when a phone comes in which has previously been repaired and the clear brackets which hold the front camera lens and proximity sensor in place are missing - suffice to say these two parts don't line up with their respective holes in the glass. 

I now always make a point of double checking all of the sensor and camera openings in the glass to ensure they are clean and that no FOD is in there. Also make a point of keeping some spare camera and prox. sensor mounts in the parts bin as you'll certainly come across more than one device which has these missing. 

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iPhone Repair Guy Tiverton
I find its generally one of 2 things...damaged front camera/proximity flex or cheap screens.  A lot of aftermarket camera/proximity flex's are faulty on arrival so just be careful where you buy them from. 
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just to add make sure the sensors is over the little separate cover so it can register there is something blocking it its the most simple thing I've done it a few times simply the sensors wasn't in the right place 
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I've just this minute completed a beat up iPhone 5C that had been attacked by the customer or a friend with amongst other problems, no proximity.

After fitting the new screen, no proximity. I reseated the flex and sensors, still no go. I removed the flex and tested it outside the phone and proximity detect worked. I replaced the screen again with a very good quality one and still no go. I finaly replaced the flex and proximity worked.

The proximity flex is a funny thing. Perhaps the flex sensors get damaged and knocked out of specification after a voilent screen break and this takes them just on the right side of working but still not quite working properly"
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Andy @ ACE-Repairs
Front iPhone camera/prox flex parts are probably the most unreliable & fragile part there is.  I gently remove with a pair of tweezers (no heat) and rarely have a problem.  The only time I do is when the prox bracket had a tad too much glue applied when manufactured and the prox is glued in, making removal very dificult.  Occationally the prox sensor snaps off the flex, so I keep a load of spare prox/front cams in stock, usually genuine as 1/2 of aftermarket ones dont work.  A suggestion in problem solving is always have a good known working part thats marked up to use as a test part.  Dont take it for granted new parts will work.   
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