I just installed a new front camera on my iphone 7.  After install everything worked expect the proximity sensor.  It was working fine before.  Is there anything I should have done (eg settings) after the install or anything I can do to troubleshoot the problem.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 
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Why did you install a new camera - after the question i understand the old camera worked normally ?
I already understand your question - the sensor is not repairable , as long as there is a warranty exchange it ...(front camera)
The seller must be warned of a possible defect , this is the standard , because it does not depend on the seller or me ,
This defect occurs already during the production process ...
There are two problems - sensor installed incorrectly ( a very rare problem , because then the phone can't be assembling ) or
as I mentioned , it never worked - factory defect...
If it stopped working so quickly, it is proof that it was already incomplete ...

Not follow the long instructions on the Internet , miracle will not happen !  (99%)


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