Looking for a USB micro charging port for a Prestigio MultiPhone PAP5500DUO

Any help with this would appreciate it
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Quin Mobile Repair
I've had a look around for this one for you but can't see anything about, my bet is it's a rebranded device. Possibly from ZTE or some other company. Your only real option would be to check the ribbon cables for a part number and search for that, best place probably would be AliExpress 
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MACH Computers
Is it the flex that the USB port is on that is damaged or is it simply just the USB port itself? A last resort option that could be your only way if its the latter would be to solder on a new USB port. 
Chris - Owner
MACH Computers Kent

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Do you have a picture of the part?

The one I found http://i3.waititi.ru/1/4330/43293675/075a3e/dsc0395-jpg.jpg shows that the usb port is on the logic board and it looks like a fairly standard micro usb port that can be purchaed from most major electronic component resellers. 
David Fear - Owner
Pickle IT - Bristol
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