I know it has been posted once before but does anyone have any up to date recommendations on a POS system or software for phone and computer repairs?

I have seen a few including and general POS systems such as XEPOS but i cannot work out which will be be more beneficial or practical for the money. 

Any suggestions are welcome..

Thank you.
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We use Repairshopr at out repair shop, works well - can stock control / invoice manage / POS / account reporting etc.

You can connect a till receipt printer, scanner and till draw etc to a PC and take cash / card payments.

We looked at a few options and found RS to be the best.  
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Two years ago it was my job repair these systems , basically it is a personal computer ...
Popular at the moment is android systems - the dust problem is solved , overheating problems ...
Androids will accept all devices...
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What can I recommend , if you want to save-then the system build to yourself .
If you choose windows system then you know there will be a lot of wires ,
but less system maintenance issues . Your system's most expensive is a good
quality operator monitor , this monitor has a different quality LCD matrix -
it is a solid glass matrix . Because the standard touch screen matrix on
our computers is not suitable for bulk jobs - I guarantee that after day,
the maximum after week the screen will be broken with your finger .
Good quality, professional quality LCD running on Windows XP - because drivers
problems , the operating system for these screens Xp ...
What is needed - HP elite refurbished pc ,
because the sound is already in the PC box , dynamics are built-in , necessarily
with two video outputs (for two monitors) max price - 50£
two monitors , client side black color from 15 inc and up max price 40 £
Touch screen monitor from £ 60 and up
Cash Drawer 30 £
Thermal Printer 20 £
Barcode Scanner from 15 £ (2.4G Wireless Bluetooth Laser)
or Metrologic MS7820-118 from 50 £ (reads in all directions)
mouse and keyboard ....
total £ 180 - £ 200
Ready system on ebay 600 £ ( but be prepared for very low quality - because it is used
and don't match the description and photo )
if you make a claim , answer - buy new equipment and price 600 x 3 = ££££
but its quality is again that of disposable tableware ...
Recommend a specific brand F u J i T s U
Make the right choice .....

If you want to fix the system, contact me...
ePos software remains under your control
For me Drivers problem does not exist ...
Price for work without spare parts 70 £ and up...
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