I have Pixel 3XL that has Power/Reboot/Boot problem.
It cannot be started or reboot if it is not connected to the charger.
The battery looks OK. Once it starts the battery lasts all day and there isn't any problem with it.
I tried to factory reset the phone. It didn't help.
I tried to install factory image to completely reset the phone. It didn't help.
Anyone had the same problem?
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Sorry for late answer , I hope someone answers from a repair shop , but i don't see the answers ...
Then to the case - I have not had this kind of experience , so I'm looking for information on the internet ...
Nothing serious can be found either , so you have to start thinking logically ... When you perform a factory reset
in bootloader is one point - clear cache , but it must be done after factory reset ... That means factory reset and
after that without restarting the system clear cache ...

If that doesn't help, then there isn't   software problem , 
( but hardware) ... It is a memory problem because memory and ram are

one part , which is programmed where is the memory and where is the RAM , and your hard drive (memory )
is damaged . Why does it work with a charger? - because the charger bypasses the missing command in the system ...
The signs may be that the start cable is damaged ... but unlikely ...
The popular method for solving this problems is  - put it in the refrigerator, but it will not solve the problem forever ...
Find the programed memory ... (but new not used , don't try to fix your existing one)

For a computer processor to be able to launch applications it relies on the services of random-access memory (RAM),
also known as the main memory. The data required is loaded into the main memory for this purpose, which is why its capacity,
transmission rate and access speed play a decisive role in the maximum performance capacity of the entire computer.

One of the most important programs with data in the main memory is the operating system. Equipped with a suitable process
management function, Windows, macOS, and others actually regulate the processor access to the main storage, among other things.
Consequently, the relevant data in the system software has to be loaded into the main memory as soon as the device is started, and
stays there for the whole time the computer is running. This is made possible by a so-called bootloader, which comes permanently
integrated as a standard in most modern operating systems.
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