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This is probably a stupid question, I have just recieved a 'Replacement Battery Cover / Rear Panel' With Adhesive for my Nokia 6.1 plus. The description says 'with adhesive', I was anticipating either a gasket type seal or tube of glue.

Can I assume that the edges of the cover are pre-glued and exposed when I pull the  cover off of the back, is it just a pressure seal or does it need activating or heated?
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Adhesive - we call it glue ... ( it is shorter but not more accurate ) ...
Assemble - warm up and press around the cover , it sticks better ...
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If something is not clear we are waiting in the forum ...

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Hi there,

Sorry for late reply. For most back covers that come with Adhesive it should be pre-applied to the back cover, just remove the protective sheet and should have 3M/Tessa tape applied around the edges.

If yours hasn't come with adhesive. Please email with your order number and the team can look into this for you.

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