I've been talking to James on eBay about this problem and thought I'd post it here in more detail.
Had a switch go blue screen on me, tested everything and couldn't find any shorted caps on the video chip or near the charge chip, swapped the screen and managed to get it working again updated the software and played games for an hour charged it up and left it overnight.
https://i.imgur.com/pRxL2Op.jpg - Console updating to latest version.
https://i.imgur.com/TGBDSQ2.jpg - Console working and charging.
https://i.imgur.com/MyqCVmK.jpg - Getting blue screen again after a new screen was installed and I left it overnight.
So next day turned it on, back to blue screen I cannot get it to turn off properly or reset or do anything other than show a blue screen, before when I disconnected the battery I could get it to boot up for a while but when I turned it off it went blue again. pulled it apart again and noticed that all these are shorting:
https://i.imgur.com/NmItVWv.jpg - Caps by the memory, underneath the shield that covers the APU
https://i.imgur.com/dRnrYCA.jpg - This cap was initially shorting but it seems fine now, however I may of been touching the larger cap next to it, I was tired after a long day 🙂
https://i.imgur.com/BZEYQtw.jpg - This entire row of caps are all shorting.
https://i.imgur.com/ZnUCnm9.jpg - This cap is the only other shorting cap I found.
I must add that the Switch was bent by a frustrated child but it wasn't significant that it worried me, it's not my Switch but a friends since I repair phones I thought I'd give this a go. Am I to believe that the damage is irreversible because the bend runs between the USB and the memory so I'm going to hazard a guess and say that those chips or maybe the APU has broken solder joints or worse?
Can I apply some heat and hope that the chips reball themselves or is that a bad idea?

Will replacing the fuse by the USB do anything to help, even though it's apparently shorted, the switch seems to charge normally and I get the correct voltages from my meter.
Am I to believe it isn't worth swapping all the caps that are shorting? because it's probably a chip that is causing them to short.
Would swapping the chip that controls the video help me?
Any and all help appreciated.
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