I have found the item that I want which is the

Motorola Moto X Play - Replacement Internal Battery Pack FL40 - OEM

Product code: RBSKU6237
found on  https://www.replacebase.co.uk/for-motorola-moto-x-play-replacement-internal-battery-pack-fl40-oem/?keyword=&creative=46191494154&gclid=CjwKCAiAwJTjBRBhEiwA56V7q9lr8-AKy06HQvYdtePVJiKR2Zip6da87INTIqIgb1BtymtXFussLhoC3kgQAvD_BwE

I have 2 questions

1) I have done a bit of research and discovered that the Moto X Play supports something called TurboPower. Does your replacement battery support this and do you sell the TurboPower charger ?

2) There are 2 batteries that you offer for the Moto X Play but the other one is 3500mAh. I have opted for this one because it is 3630 which is the same value as the original. Is there a reason for 2 offerings?
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Hi There,

Looks like you have ordered the OEM battery, as this is OEM it will be as the original battery including all the features of the battery such as the turbopower charger.

We offer two batteries, the OEM battery which will be the same as the original, and our own brand Replacebase battery, this will functionally work in the device and will be much newer usually that the OEM battery, we have this option for customers who are not fussed about OEM or would prefer a more economical option as all in all it does the same job with usually the only difference being the appearance.
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