Hi, I just bought the flat cable to go to the button board of mavic mini controller.

Hopefully I only damaged the cable and not the button board, but if I did I will need one.

The button board is only cheap from china as is this cable. Your cable price is not silly high either and well worth the extra for a fast part.

;But nobody wants to wait for china, so perhaps you could grab some boards too and add them to your stock, as It would be nice to have some available from uk.


Thanks, Addxm

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Hi Addxm, thanks for the suggestion! We are on it, i will get some ordered in, ETA 1-2 weeks. 🙂
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Thanks for the reply, don't get them on my behalf though. Your cable fixed the issue 😉
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Woo glad to hear its fixed, but its a good suggest and would help others. Specially with the higher need for repair and replacements as people slow down on just buying new parts to replace what they have.
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