Hi all,

I have a slight problem with my MBP. With a ram card installed in the lower slot (one nearest the keyboard) the Macbook will intermittently freeze up with barcode-like lines appearing on the screen. This happens when two ram cards are installed or just one in the lower slot, with either card in the upper slot the Macbook works fine. The freezing seems to occur when the Macbook is moved or the table on which it sits is nudged (suggesting a connection issue?). I have cleaned both the slots and cards with some IPA.

Running an apple hardware tests either freezes in the way mentioned above or yields no errors. I have also read online about the lower cover of the mid 2012 Macbook shorting the PCB, however I have never had the issue before and it seems odd that it would develop now. A new motherboard was fitted to the Macbook about 10 months ago by an Apple store/genius bar.

This may or may not be related but around the time this problem started the Macbook got rather warm in sleep mode, the activity log showed it was google update so I just removed the process and the overheating problem seems to have been resolved. The Macbook did not get hot enough to shut down, it was just hot to the touch.

thanks in advance [smile]
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