I purchased a Macbook pro a1286 early 2011 off a seller on ebay who said the hard drive was faulty and the macbook didn’t work at all, after leaving it to charge for half a day, i got it to work.

The seller then provided me with his password to login to reset it back to factory, upon trying the progress bar when logging in only gets so far then stops.

When trying to use recovery mode, the progress bar under the apple logo goes about 3/4 of the way (the same as the previous bar when logging in) then the machine just white screens and won’t do anything after leaving it for a couple of hours, it just stays on a white screen.

I was considering putting as SSD in the machine anyway to speed it up, would that maybe fix my other issue as well? I’m not clued up about macs so would I need to reset the machine before putting the new SSD in? Any help would be appreciated
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Remember... Hibrit hard drives - is a special formatting , because the hard disk has the ssd sector , but this is not your case ...
all the information found is here

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