Hi All,

Just had a repair in, iv never personally seen a G5 dock port / microphone replacement as they are in a self contained slide out 'Module' unit so wanted to post some pictures.

IMG_0626.JPG  2 Screws either side of the chin

IMG_0625.JPG  Once removed the chin will slide off, has some mild adhesive so may need a little pry / encouragement. 

IMG_0624.JPG  A Single screw hold on the plastic retainer, just remove and gently pry off. 

IMG_0621.JPG  Dock component simply slides in place.

A 3 screw, 5 minute job.

Steve Garner | Replacebase Founder 

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MACH Computers
Part of me says 'if all repairs were this simple then I'd be flying through them' whilst the other, more rational part says 'I hope apple doesn't make things this simple - I'll end up losing a huge stack of business if they do'
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