Hi Guys,

Help!!!!  I have a very desperate and upset customer who need to get her pics from her LG G4 and it contains the last pics of her mum before she passed away, the phone was stuck on the logo screen and did nothing, now it does not seem to want to come on as had it charging for a while, but I will leave on for longer to check, can any of you help, as I am sure you appriciate these pictures are priceless. 

When I put it on charge it is flicking between drawing 0.07A and 0.26A this is on my inline amp meter.

If you know anything please help of if you know an LG techy please can you ask. My customer would be forever greatful.

Thank you

Andy - Owner
Why Not Fix Ltd

T: 07861 707870
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If you can get it into recovery mode then maybe you can get it to start up normally. LG did a replacement on these as there is a fault on the board . Don’t know if it still applies but that wouldn’t help in data recovery 
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