I've just purchased a new iPhone 7 screen and it won't sit flush in the frame - why is this?

This is a known issue amongst iPhone 7s unfortunately -  the IC chip sits just below the flex cable of the screen; if the flex isn't in the right position when you reassemble the device, it can cause issues such as a white hue on the screen caused by the pressure of the screen flexes bunching up, which tends to make people think the screen they've purchased is faulty.

All you need to do to prevent this, is slide the flex down slightly before you reassemble the device and voila! 

You have a working screen! Patience is always a virtue when it comes to these things, right? iPhone7flex.png
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Shanice W
Customer Service Advisor
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There will be no glue, then the chip will take the right position without adjustments ...
Assembling disassembling it will not break the cable ...

scr.jpg  scr2.jpg  scr3.jpg 
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