Hi, I have recently purchased a new battery from raplacebase to replace the old one in my one plus 3. However when I put the new battery in the phone, the ribbon cable from the battery was longer than the original Oneplus battery so the connector was slightly offset to the left, of the board socket. Therefore in order to plug the ribbon cable into the board, the cable had to be bend with a crease pointing upwards. However on the original battery the cable lay flat on the battery with no bending or crease, so i'm wondering if the bending/crease will damage the battery or the phone in anyway, or prevent the phone/battery from functioning properly? Thanks James.
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Recently fitted one myself but did not have same experience as cable was exactly as original one, only problem was the phone did not recognise the battery so had to refrain to using old one and hope for the best
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Bending is not good , but the iPhone camera cabel always bending ...
If seriously then looks like that the cable is not bent properly ...
Original cable bends with stencils ,
I always have problems with new battery cables ...
Question - The battery has no problems , it's good ?
If this is ok , move , push , press bending lower ...
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