The Rear Camera IC (U2501) can fail & stop supplying power to the Rear Camera ,
it is also related to the operation of the flashlight ...The flash will not work if the rear
camera has failed.


U2501 is located on the rear of the board (just above the Wi-Fi Module)


(U2501 provides power to the Rear Camera whilst its being used & no power whilst the Camera isn’t in use)
In addition Pad B2 is GND & Pad B1 is supplied via L1802 Coil which primarily provides the additional power for the autofocus feature...
There is another problem that causes similar symptoms , WIFI reception antenna ...

Check for a Micro tear in the Flex connector, issues with erratic charging, No touch ID, Bootloop (Recovery mode)
& overheating (possible the camera does not work) caused by a Microscopic tear in the flex... Removed the flex connector & all of the issues above have dissappeared... Exchanged for another or a new one ...
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