I am in the process of repairing an iPhone XS.The front and back had smashed, so I have replaced the rear housing assembly (including small parts / components) and the screen.

It is now reassembled and working fine, apart from one major issue. It restarts roughly every 3 to 4 minutes. I've looked in the error log and there is a panic full error log for every time the device restarts. Attached is an example.

I have no idea what this means, as my repair experience is pretty minimal. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks so much in advance,
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I am not an employee of this organization , this file must be sent to the developer , so i won't be exact ,
as far as i can see, a common problem is in the previous settings ...

Can you show which spare part has been changed ?
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I recommend reinstalling - the previous settings incompatible with the the existing settings ...
Is one strange error associated with disk - rdisk, - allow that the motherboard layers (sandwich) not a good contacts ...
These contacts are responsible not only for the phone's memory (ram , hdd and and) ... Reballing ...
This problem occurs if the phone is severely compressed or bent ...
Reinstall and then see, maybe not so crazy ...
Install it as a new device , not transfer from backup ...
If there is a non-original part except lcd , unplug it and start without it ...
kernel - it means ram problem , but that doesn't mean it doesn't work ...
rdisk - allow it to a ram disk , ram ...

What a coincidence - today fixing this model , face recognition does not work and lcd ... it all ends happily ...
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Hi Helen,

Sorry to hear of the issues. As Andree has suggested this is a lot of issues, most sound like a potentially damage logic board. If it is backed up, it may be worth doing a fully reset, and reinstall of iOS on the phone. It this doens't work it may be worth taking it to a local repair shop that do microsoldering work. They might not be able to fix it but will be able to let you know if it is repairable or not. If it is an easy component on the board then maybe. But sadly if the internals have been damaged badly it might not be recoverable.

Email: tom@replacebase.co.uk
Discord: Tom (Replacebase)#8513
Reddit: u/Replacebase
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If possible do the motherboard layers reballing , 99 percent problem with memory should be reballed motherboard ...
There is a second option , assistance in the current situation, but at risk , make the right decision - check messages ...
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Hi both,

Thanks so much for getting back to me with your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

It sounds like this fix might be above my abilities unfortunately. I will try taking the parts out and put them back in, and wiping it and reinstalling the iOS again. But beyond that I think it's game over as I don't want to spend any more money on it really.

Thanks again,
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