Hey - I'm fixing up an iPhone XS. The wireless charging coil is damaged. I don't plan on replacing it as I can live without wireless charging. Are there any implications of not having one, specifically with the volume / mute control cable? 
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Frankly , has not had this kind of experience , but in theory - When you place your phone on the charger, the transmitter coil generates an electromagnetic field that the receiver converts to electricity for the phone battery... This process is known as electromagnetic induction.
When you charge your phone with a cable, the cable is powering the phone rather than the battery. Wirelessly, however, all the power is coming from the battery...

According to theory - it has no effect... (except for the first wifi versions) ...
I suggest you try , if this button works it works , if not, the coil must be replaced ...

If I delve into this issue then I allow the starting electricity to be on these contacts , it means starting with a cable , shutdown and volume up and down -  with buttons ...
It is a theory ...
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Hmm, that is a good question.


I can't see why it would need them. But as Andree said needs looking into. There is not harm in trying with out it although knowing iphones it might behave a bit weird. I would once everything is installed try the soft reset and see.


Let us know how you get on as would be good to see if it works in the wild.

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