After a fall my iPhone SE screen is black, the case popped on the top right corner and now has a slight twist. The screen did not crack. I took the screen out to check it wasn't a connector that had come off but nope. Visually all looks ok, the phone is on and can be seen when connected to my Mac but no screen. 

My question is how can I check if the fault is with the screen or something on the mainboard? Would hate to order a new screen only to find it's not that!
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This is a very common problem , especially for those users who often drop or beat an iPhone .
The solution to this problem is very simple, you just need to restart the iPhone, make it the so-called Hard Reset.
Hope you know how to do it ?
If that doesn't help, let's go deeper ...
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Thank you for the reply. I have done a hard reset via the buttons and through my Mac but neither had any effect on the screen, it is still black. 
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Or available Windows pc for you ?
Hard Reset -
If it does not help then the screen is damaged ...

I'm not sure you've diagnosed the problem correctly ,that's why read this ...

I got a phone with a similar defect, screen black -Hard Reset doesn't help  , but see what happened ...
(good tool)
Waiting for an answer from you ...
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