Just a quick one, have any other repairers noticed any issues with the SE on impact damage and charging the battery.

customer needed a screen replacement, quite heavy damage to the screen and LCD, ding on the corner of the housing.

stripped down the iPhone, noticed that front cam sensor cable was damaged, sensor part had come off solder pads, not a problem as replaced the cable.

get the SE booted up and I notice the battery is not charging above 3%, it lasts a few minutes then reboots to Apple logo and does the same thing.

when plugged in charging I get no where near 1 amps, more like 0.10 and under.

i ordered a new battery from replacebase just to eliminate but knowing something is not right here.

There is no fluid damage inside the iPhone, is this the tell tell signs of the Tristar U2 chip here, I've checked the little resistors near the battery connector and all seem ok.

impact damage enough to damage the tristar? 

Any advice appreciated.
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If the charge current is 0.10 you've more than likely got a short on a capacitor on a non critical line somewhere. As iv seen phones that iv fixed shorted caps on time and time again that only charge that fast until the short is removed.
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Right ok, most certainly caused by the drop.
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