I decided to publish it because there are many problems with this device when we use W i n d o w s ... Because the most correct update
to your device have to do with i t u n e s... Because the manufacturer himself claims it but users ignore it , thinking i have wifi
update is available ... But when it starts to cause problems the answer from the developer - connecting with i t u n e s ... A particularly
common problem with iphone 4 and iphone 5 - after wifi updates devices overheat no matter what you do with it ... Help only i t u n e s
system update ...
I have a phone attached with my pc and i t u n e - but still system updates fails for the first time , it succeeds after 2 or 3 times ...
It makes all kinds of errors...
Especially if there is a customer phone with the problems , cloud password I do not know , but the phone is in indeterminate mode , then
you help this tool...
All options associated with restart and system installation you can do this with this program without touching the phone or searching for
a key combination ... Not to mention all the other benefits ... You don't need anything, no accounts or firmware ... Necessary tools - brain ...
tools a.jpg  tools b.jpg  tools c.jpg  tools d.jpg  tools e.jpg 

Enjoy - don't forget the comments !
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As far as I can no longer edit, I also post a comment ,
nothing special , a small video review with not very good quality taken at night ...
Because there are people who are skeptical about this program ...

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