Hi guys,

I need some advice, iv'e got an iphone 7 which has a cracked was working fine with the screen cracked.

All of a sudden the phone won't turn on again. iv'e tried hard reset and nothing..

I bought a  new battery thinking this might be the cause, replaced it and tried turning on and again nothing..

Do you think this is because of the screen? I was going to get a replace LCD assembly but wanted to check before buying, if i do get a new one and replace it and the phone still doesn't turn on I'd have waisted more money on a bricked iphone.

any suggestions welcome guys 🙂
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it can be easily checked , i have ipo 7 with audio chip problem ,
since these chips are very large, I would not risk changing it ...
but so i have a test device ... Connected to a PC without the screen ...
ipobat.jpg  ipobat1.jpg 
If everything works, the problem is clear ...

I recommend installing this program for your PC ...
it happens that the phone is (stuck)trapped in an undetermined mode ,
and the original program (itunes) sees it, but the installation does not take place ,
otherwise, the installation will fail due to errors ...
The original program (itunes) may not see it , that's why installing this program ...
Its the most enjoyable part is the problem here

The unpleasant part is if the problem is here - changing the battery , was damaged Charging ic ...
It is related to instant voltage , boot voltage , instant amperage ... The controller didn't like anything ...
Here is the way out -
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I have downloaded the tool. and connected phone, nothing happens. i have tried another working iphone that works and the tool recogniesd that phone. but not the broken iphone 7  i think the phone is broken 😕 i guess there is no point of trying a new screen then is there?
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I want you not to give up ... repair it matter how ... i want to hear good news ...
If it does not start with disconnect screen , (with disconnect screen) , then the problem is with the motherboard .

You tried with disconnect screen ?
99 percent of your problem is a u4001 ic or u2 ic ipo 7 tristar ...
tristar.jpg  tristar1.jpg  tristar2.jpg  If you try at home - water-based flux it is easier to clean , it is sufficient to keep it at 60 degrees water for 5 minutes
and clean it with a small brush , then 100 percent you will clean all flux from motherboard ...
380 is recommended temperature , gun air flow - there are many models , but on average it is more than half ...

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