Hi all. I am looking to replace a screen in an iPhone 7 that I believe currently has a lower quality third party screen installed (colours look washed out and the touchscreen doesn’t seem as responsive as it should, although it does work fine 95% of the time). The proximity sensor also does not work so I want to replace the screen with a full new assembly from Replacebase, as I always buy screens from here, and just move over the home button. 

Although I have replaced screens in all iPhone models prior to the 7, I am yet to attempt it with a 7 and after researching online, it appears that the 7 screen replacement may be more prone to problems than others. I am looking for any advice before I order the screen from anyone who may be able to offer guidance or things to avoid. 

I may also want to replace the battery as the current one is a little run down. Is it advisable to replace the screen and battery at the same time?

Many thanks in advance for any help. 
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Hi. I’ve had issues with most IP7 screens. Some are just awful. The OEM one from ReplaceBase is the best I have used. The colours are still a little washed out, but the screen functionality is superb. Customer service is always great too. JC 
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You'll need a tri-wing screwdriver as Apple are being their usual self and making repairs a little more difficult.
Biggest problem is the transfer of the home button - I use a hot plate to warm it a little and soften the adhesive then go under very gently with a scalpel blade to easy it up from the connector end. If you loose touch ID due to damaging the home button assembly then the home button becomes totally useless!
Slow and careful is the best advice I can give you!
Can't comment on iPhone screens from replacebase as clients aren't willing to pay the extra for a better quality screen cos the "bloke down the market" that fits garbage charges less for a fitted screen than replacebase charges for the screens.
Buy 90% of my other screens from here as the quality is brilliant!
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The screen replacement process is the same as the other models, the only thing that is more fragile and which a lot of people seem to break is the home button. Take extra caution when removing this and when you screw it back on, do not over tighten it and do not press down too hard.
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You won’t go wrong if you follow the guides from iFixit

Any device that I have not repaired before I always check here first.

My advice would be, change one at a time (screen, sensor, battery) as if you do them all at once and the phone won’t boot, you won’t know what’s at fault. I’ve had a 7 not boot before because I left the proximity sensor off (I was testing the screen at that point).
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