I have an iPhone 7 Plus which requires a new front camera as the phone’s proximity sensor does not work. The front camera’s microphone also seems faulty (although it still records sound) and the ear speaker doesn’t work, which I am assuming is due to the faulty camera/proximity flex. 
A couple of the screws inside the phone that secure the metal plate over the battery/lower screen connectors look like they’ve been stripped during a previous repair and I have been unable to remove them. 
My question is whether the top screen connector is safe to remove if the battery and lower screen connectors are still connected to the board? This is a repair I am able to complete myself, as I have the replacement parts, but I am under the impression that the phone’s battery must be disconnected first. Any advice on this matter would be a huge help. Many thanks. 
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Yes you'll be fine to do that
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Turn off the phone , and disconnected Power And Volume Buttons Flex from motherboard .
It is needed , to repair time , it does not turn on ...
I wish you good luck...
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If you purchase a good quality tri screwdriver they will come out, but battery should be disconnected first before attempting repair .. 
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Unscrew the LCD cable bracket and the first step disconnects the battery...
This is because there may be a short circuit , and then your repair will be very expensive ...

Assembling - 1 Camera connection and bracket

                      2 LCD connection , battery connection , bracket

I also understood it that the screws cannot come off with phillips screwdriver...
I damage all the triangle screws to my first iphone 7 ...
Because I think it is phillips screws ... ip7.jpg 
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