I need a button replacement for the i phone 7 plus and i'm between the jc haptic and the jc mechanical , my question is if the jc mechanical would be more accurate and would prevent (phantom touches) ?
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It would be good to contact Rb , the all version is good , closer to the original is a touch button ...
The biggest problem is button mount ... That's why contact with Rb ... Choose the best mount ...
My experience - look at the picture ... after 6 months it had to be glued because the clamp just falls off ...
But the button works perfectly ...
Try maybe last release ...

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HI there,

As Andree advises we would suggest the later haptic feed back ones. The is also a chance the new JC-V1 allows for restoring of touch id, although this has yet to be fully verified.  As it doesn't having moving part though it would say the haptic is better. Although yes as it is a conductive sense rather than an actual force it is more prone to ghost touching although still not to common and issue.
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