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I have a customer who is not happy with the brightness of the iPhone 7 screen I have fitted to her phone as her friends has not been cracked and is 100% original.  So when you put them together you can see the brightness of the remanufactured screen is around 80% of a genuine screen.  I ordered the OEM screen from Replacebase and it is a tad brighter but not the same as her friends,  do any of you know where I can buy a 100% original screen assembly, such as the one that was fitted when the phone was manufactured.....Help!

Andy - Owner
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There are more than one manufacturer for original screens. I don't know who produced the i7 screen. But I know that LG, Sharp, and I think Samsung have made displays in earlier iPhones. So you can have two original phones with slightly differences in the display because of other manufacturers. 
If you want 100% original displays you have to pull them from another device. 
I've read somewhere that OEM screens are screens that didn't pass Apples inspection from these manufacturers. 
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